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If you want to give an experience to a person or a voucher to exchange for material, you can select the amount, and pay by card or Paypal. The amount of the check can be redeemed for courses and store materials and is valid for 12 months from the date of payment. In the payment …

Let’s Go Barcelona!

Welcome to the fabulous world of Jesmonite, the easy-to-use, non-toxic chameleon material for your sculpture, design, interior design or craft creations. The Jesmonite store is a project of Resineco, to publicize and show the advantages of Jesmonite. Furthermore, we want to help all the creators who use Jesmonite in their designs, by promoting their projects …

Jesmonite Experience

Surprise your children, friends or partner to do a different activity! There is no other store like it! Give away a mini workshop course to do at the Jesmonite Store! The Jesmonite Store is a store, but above all a workshop in which to come and play and experiment with molds and resins. A fun …